Drug and Medical Testing
We now provide healthcare workers, first responders, government and other public agencies, private-sector businesses, families, and veterinarians an oral-fluid test product that will identify—and measure—more than 100 different drugs and heavy metals. It offers fast collection, and results with blood-analysis accuracy, without the associated pain, requirements, and risks of other methods.
Medical Syringe Pumps & Sets
We provide patients and healthcare providers and institutions worldwide with intravenous (IV) infusion and subcutaneous therapy pumps and syringe sets of the highest quality, backed up with 24-hour LIVE support, 1-800-628-9214. We are proud to be the exclusive U.S. provider of the following Graseby Medical infusion pumps: Graseby MS16A Hourly Pump; Graseby MS26 Long-Term/Slow Infusion Pump; Graseby 3100 Ml/Hr Pump; Graseby 3300 Patient-Controlled Anesthesia (PCA) Pump; and Graseby 3400 Nuclear Medicine/Anesthesia Mass Unit.

As the only Factory-Authorized U.S. Service Center for Graseby Medical infusion pumps, we're dedicated to helping you maximize their value. We also offer Extension Sets, Needle-less Valve Extension Sets, Sub Q Sets, and our patent-pending Safety Sub Q Infusion Sets, which are specially designed for safer delivery of therapies such as SCIG, Palliative care, Sub Q hydration, Thallasemia and more.
For Manufacturers &
Pharmaceutical Companies

Supporting Manufacturers’ & Pharmaceutical Companies’ Product Innovation

Here at MarCal Medical, we care about our industry. We're always on the lookout for innovative adjustments to existing products or new products that will improve healthcare. We've developed the global resources and years of experience necessary to guide new product development, or to make suggestions for re-engineering an existing product to better administer a new drug, or meet specialized requirements.

To bring ideas to reality, we work closely with you, whether you're starting from scratch and need everything, or are an experienced scientist with a slightly different model to develop. Then, we ensure that our sales and in-house customer service representatives have the knowledge and the time to understand and present your product to customers with the utmost confidence and care.

We invite you to bring your emerging technologies to us for evaluation and consideration. You'll appreciate our clinically trained sales representatives, worldwide distribution, unrivaled support, and established customer relationships with key healthcare facility decision-makers and influencers who regularly purchase specialty products from MarCal representatives.