Exclusive U.S. Distributor of
Graseby Medical Syringe Pumps
We are the exclusive provider of Graseby Medical products in the U.S. and the only factory-authorized U.S. service center for Graseby Medical infusion pumps.
Infusion Pump Services

Maximizing the Value of Your Pump

Pumps are a major investment for healthcare facilities, so you need them to last a long time. MarCal can support your efforts to maximize the service life of your infusion pumps through a variety of services. We understand the need for quick and reliable delivery of the best products, clinically trained people who can answer questions and provide hands-on training, and responsiveness to your overall business needs. To best support our customers, we provide:
  • 24-hour LIVE Support
  • Equipment Repair
  • Preventive Maintenance

24-Hour LIVE Support

Along with excellent technical capabilities, service support must be available 24 hours a day. MarCal Medical offers this support. Whether it is a question about equipment operations, how to clean a pump, or getting your device repaired, our technical staff is always available day or night. You are only a phone call away from total customer support. We can answer your questions, solve your programming problems and provide next-day turnaround service when needed. We even have loaner pumps available when you need them. This is the kind of product support you should be receiving when you purchase specialty medical products. Contact MarCal for more details at 1-800-628-9214.

Equipment Repair

You can trust MarCal to be your responsive, reliable partner in repairing your vital equipment. High-quality repairs completed by trained technicians eliminate the high expense of purchasing new products. Our quick turnaround on repairs and convenient loaner program keep your downtime to a minimum, reduce your need for additional back-up units, and ensure that your department is operating at the highest levels of efficiency.

Preventive Maintenance

Your biomedical equipment needs a checkup on a regular basis to minimize downtime and maximize productivity and profitability within your organization. MarCal's Preventive Maintenance is a proactive maintenance program designed to prevent system problems. This is different from diagnostic or corrective maintenance, which is performed to correct an existing problem. By preventing problems from occurring, you may lower your need to spend money on costly repair jobs. Our goal is to create long-term value with customers by managing equipment needs rather than reacting to them.

After evaluating biomedical equipment, we'll suggest an appropriate maintenance and inspection schedule designed to help lower the cost of maintaining patient care equipment. Preventive Maintenance of your equipment, performed by a biomedical technician, may include: interior and exterior cleaning, lubrication, alignment and adjustment, calibration, inspection and replacement, in accordance with the applicable federal, state and local regulations with emphasis on JCAHO and OSHA patient care equipment standards.

Repair Capabilities

IV pumps all manufacturers and models
Syringe pumps all manufacturers and models
Bi-pap machines all manufacturers and models
C- pap machines all manufacturers and models
Ventilator SECHRIST Model IV100 B / IV 200
Vapotherm Model 2000i
Caradyne Whisperflow Fixed Generators Model WF1/WF2
Caradyne Pressure Monitor Criterion 40/60/260
Resmed II Airway Pressure Monitor
Oxygen mixers SECHRIST Model 3500/3500HL mixer
Oxygen concentrators all manufacturers and models
Physical Therapy Stimulators all manufactures and models including TENS units
Physical Therapy, Ultrasound all manufacturers and models